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Progressive Awards

II edition



LOCATION: PROGRESSIVE AWARDS will be held on October 6 in EFE Event Center, Hotel Marinela, with an area of 1100 m2 in compliance with all requirements and regulations for safety and comfort of our guests.



To enroll in Progressive Awards competition you should fill the nomination or self nomination form, available for each category, in Bulgarian or English. Only the forms completed in the "Argument Nomination" field will be validated and submitted to the Council for the selection of the 9 finalists per prize category.
To guide you through the nomination process, please access the selection criteria of the winners published on the nomination or self nomination form, in each category.
The information submitted via the form will not be made public and will only reach the members of the Council that select the finalists. Because privacy is important, members of the Council sign a confidentiality agreement (disclosure agreement).
Entry in the Progressive Awards 2020 is not conditioned upon the payment of any fee.
The period for nomination/ self nomination is 09.12.2019 – 21.02.2020.

Selection of the Finalist
After the end of the nominations, Progressive will bring the Council for validating entries in the Progressive Awards competition and selecting the 5 finalists for each category of prizes.
At the meeting of the Council, the arguments recorded in the registration forms will be analyzed.
Also, it will be taken into account the number of registered nominations.
Nominations that receive the most points (Top 5) from the Council will enter the Finalists list.
The list of Progressive Finalists 2020 will be published on the site, no later than 28.02.2020.

The 5 finalists per category of prizes, selected in the previous round, enter in the voting stage. The voting period is: 04 of March – 06 of October 2020, 12:00 AM.
At this stage, Progressive sends by email to each of the 11.000 middle & top managers from food retail, FMCG and related fields, a unique link to access the voting form, selected from the Progressive database.
Unique links guarantees that a person can vote only once because they become inactive after the first access. Atention!!! Once the link is accessed, it becomes inactive even if you have not voted!
Generating unique voting links and centralizing the data provided in polling forms are provided by Ipsos Bulgaria, Research Partner of the Progressive Awards competition.
For each nominee in a given category, everyone can vote, except for the people who work in the company. Managers from the finalists in these categories will receive personalized voting platforms so they can not vote for a prize for their company / project.


Nominations for PROGRESSIVE AWARDS 2020 are closed!

The Finalists moving on to the next voting stage will be announced on February 28, 2020.

Voting will open on March 04, 2020!


Best International Retailer

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Best Local Retailer

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Best FMCG Supplier

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Best Importer

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Best Distributor

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Best New Food Product

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Best New Non-Food Product

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Best New Beverage

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ProgreSsivE Awards Gala

Winners of the Progressive Awards trophy as well as finalists will be announced and celebrated in the Progressive Gala Awards held within the Retail Network Conference on October 06, 2020 - www.conference.progressive.bg/en
Participate in the competition of THE BEST!


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