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Dobroslava Mircheva , Co-Founder and Managing Director of Display Bulgaria ltd.

Evolving Retail: Automation, Communication, and The Pursuit of Loyalty

Dobroslava Mircheva's professional path goes from the Music Academy to strategic business leadership. The dynamic economic landscape of the 90s became the reason for her transition from the world of music to the world of business. After 4 years working as a Senior Buyer at Kraft Foods (Mondelez), Dobroslava co-founded Display Bulgaria and has been the Managing Director of the company for 18 years. In the meantime, she completed her Master's degree in Psychology and graduated as a PCC coach.

At Display Bulgaria she crafted strategic partnerships with industry leaders - international and local retail chains. The driving force in her work is the privilege of being a conduit for equipment innovations in the Bulgarian market that improve the efficiency of daily processes and create an enticing-to-purchase presentation on the shelf.